I mentioned that I celebrated my birthday at a restaurant in the East that is quietly hidden from the busy streets of Singapore. The Bark Cafe offers an outdoor fusion dining experience. The place looks cozy and relaxing. I saw the place was slowly getting packed by people coming in from work. It was the perfect place to unwind with its abundant greenery and open air setting. It is nearby the Changi Prison Chapel and Museum. Too bad the museum was already when we arrived. It closes at 4:30PM. Maybe next time.


It was a small quiet dinner with hubby, Naj, my mother-in-law and I invited my friend, her hubby and her hubby’s sister. They also have a baby in tow like us. Naj and my friend’s baby are born two months apart.

Here is what we ordered:


chicken wings bark cafe This is one of their speciality. It is actually really good. You can get it 6pcs ($15.90) or 3pcs ($8.90). The waitress was nice enough to suggest that they will slice the wings into two to have more to share. It was crispy but not oily. No special sauces needed.

fajitas the bark cafe

 These fajitas ($17.90) are another crowd-pleaser. It comes in three pieces with a salad on the side. It’s a 10-inch tortilla with black pepper filling, mozzarella and capsicum. It is served with mixed greens and fries.



beef pizza the bark cafe Another bestseller of the cafe is the Bark Pizza. ($19.90). They have it in beef and chicken. This one is the beef pizza. We also ordered the chicken pizza but I failed to take a picture of it. Both are equally good but I prefer the chicken.



pasta the bark cafe This pasta ($19.90) contains scallops, mussels, squid and shrimps. This was a bit spicy for me even if the waitress said this one is less spicy than the tomato-based spaghetti they have.  I apologized for the blurry pictures. I need learn to take better pictures. If you any photography workshop coming us soon, let me know ok?


pasta the bark cafe

In plain English this means creamy bacon spaghetti. I haven’t tasted this pasta ( (S18.90) because I was already too full from all the other dishes. But my mother-in-law and hubby said it was really good. Sorry again for the blurry pictures. (I am using a Sony Nex 5T by the way. So anyone who uses the same camera, I hope you ca give me pointers.)

I got German beer for the men. My hubby said it is still not as strong as the Philippine beer. I guess no beer kicks as strong as Red Horse.

beer the bark cafe

It was a fun and peaceful birthday celebration. It was nice to see that before my friend Mel and I were just carrying big bags in our travels, now we are carrying our babies, haha. We bonded during family medicine residency, went almost at the same time to Singapore to work and now we both happy wives and mothers. From stethoscopes to diapers…

bark cafe

The Bark Cafe is a hidden gem in the East which we will definitely come back to. Its walking distance from our place that if we are craving for pizza we know where we will go.

The Bark Cafe

1000 Upp Changi Road North
Singapore 507707


I decided to start a little tradition in this blog. I mentioned that writing in this blog keeps me inspired. Life has a lot to offer and I seek and enjoy daily inspirations that come my way. I intend to post things that inspired me every week as well as cool links I found online for the week.

As you know, this is my birthday week. How old am I? Find out here. I spent it by starting by attending a mass and followed by a Birkam yoga class.  In the evening, I had a quiet dinner with my family and friends at this charming restaurant nearby our place called The Bark Cafe which I will blogging about soon. I realised that one of the most precious things in life that we should cherish are relationships and friendships. I would never trade my family and friends. They are one of the amazing blessings in my life.


Christmas is around the corner and I am gravitating to vanilla scents. Vanilla cents reminds me of Christmas. I am currently loving this Bath & Body Works Cashmere Glow. It is a mixture of golden peach, vanilla and cashmere musk.

cashmere glow

Here are a round-up of cute links I found online this week that you might enjoy too:

As a breastfeeding mom, it is nice to see a celebrity advocating breastfeeding.

The importance of self-branding

Bianca Gonzalez and JC Intal laid-back prenup pictorial by the talented Pat Dy which is very reminiscent to Red Stilettos Photography prenup pictorial of Coach Rio and his bride

It’s Christmas soon and this is a cute version of the classic Baby It’s Cold Outside.

Our being too clean is making us and our kids sickly?!

A kissing seal.

Having a newly acquired leather bag made me learn how to take care of my bag.

Have a great new week ahead!


Dove currently have this “How Old Are You” campaign to empower women who are ashamed of their age. Woman happily state their age when they were younger but as they grow older, they tend to conceal their age. Someone told me before that asking a woman’s age is a rude thing to do. Hmmmm…. Why?

Two days ago, I celebrated my birthday. I find myself nowadays shying away when someone ask my age. I would just give them a smile or say “Secret”. Bu at times when my patients would ask my age, I would happily say it and see the surprise look in their face. I am often mistaken to be younger than my real age because of my smallish size. But declaring my age to my patients has a reason. Being older as  physician is better than being mistaken to be younger. A young doctor would sometimes mean inexperience and still very green. But in other aspects and most often than not, I would often conceal my age to my younger colleagues, who might stop hanging out with me once they know I am not in their generation (Oh Grandma is coming) or my husband’s circle because I am older than him & that still makes me a tad bit conscious of that fact.



But I realized that my present “old” self is light-years way better than my past “young” self. My past self would be so proud of what I have become today. I have overcame many obstacles, reached goals I have set for myself and blossomed into a more confident & positive person. And these things didn’t come easily. Time was on my side as I grew slowly into the person I destined to be. That is why aging is beautiful, I realized. I learned as I aged through the experiences I have encountered. I realized that my younger self was very immature, fearful, negative and insecure. I wish to tell her that life is better lived if we explore more of God’s wonderful surprises with an open and positive heart. I am happy to tell her that the secret goals she listed on her notebook all was reached and even more. I guess youth is beautiful but aging too have its wonderful benefits. As we grow older, we become sweeter and more precious like a perfectly aged wine. I was glad I met my husband a bit later and got married and had a baby much later than most of my contemporaries. I get to appreciate it with a grateful heart more at this age. I learn now what to value more, when to say ‘No’ and how to be gentle with my expectation towards myself. Getting older also doesn’t mean that I turn to be a serious grouchy toad. For those who learned from their experiences and opens to what life’s obstacles may bring, your spirit may even get lighter and younger and carefree. Because you know that life is not an enemy as you thought it was in your twenties, you develop a childlike approach towards life and a reassuring knowledge that life will always turn out okay in the end. So aging is not that bad nor it is something to be ashamed about. Aging rocks! Right, mga lolos and lolas? I will now set new goals for my future self. I am excited what life may bring as I grow older. My future self might find me silly now because for thinking that I am so mature and accomplished when I have yet more life lessons  to learn along the way. By the way, I am thirty-five.

little miss honey

Happy Birthdays to all November babies out there like me… Come, explore life surprises with me…..


Hubby, Naj and me were heading to City Hall. We were deciding where to eat. I figured there are so many food choices at the basement of Raffles Place so we can choose from there. Basement of Raffles Place have always been one of my favourite places to go to because of its various novelty shops, bookstore, cute DIY shops and the Market Place.

After roaming for quite a bit around the place, my husband’s go-to food has always been Japanese. So Japanese it is. We chose Osaka Osho.

Osaka Osho is known for their fried gyoza. Their slogan says,  “World’s  Number One Gyoza“. Gyoza is another type of Japanese dumpling filled with ground meat and vegetables. Dumpling-lovers that we are, we definitely need to try it

Osaka Ohsho Japanese Restaurant

The food shop was very techy. We order by pressing our choices on a wall which looks like a tablet that was fixed on the wall. There was one for every table. We don’t need to call a waiter. I like that it comes with pictures. Once decided, we can just press to submit.

osaka ohsko

osaka ohskoWe got the Black Vinegar Fried Chicken set and the Mabo Tofu & Sweet and Sour Pork set. Each sets come of course with their famous gyoza.

Osaka Ohsho

Black Vinegar Fried Chicken

Osaka Ohsho

Mabo Tofu and Sweet & Sour Pork


Osaka Ohsho


We enjoyed the Black Vinegar Chicken and the Sweet & Sour Pork. The serving was just right. The Gyoza is not as spectacular as they say it is. It just tasted like any regular fried dumplings. I didn’t like the tofu at all. But we will definitely go back to this restaurant again because the main dishes won us over.


Osaka Ohsho 

Raffles City Shopping Centre

252 North Bridge Rd

#B1-75 s179103 (City Hall)


I had mommies in my community asking me how to make a Birth Plan. In the Philippines, mainly in Iloilo City, my hometown, birth plan is still a very uncommon concept for  pregnant mommies.

Birth  Plan is  a document  a pregnant mother  (together with her husband if husband is very involved with the  whole pregnancy)  prepares before giving birth to be given to the medical  team that will be assisting  on child delivery.

Child birth is one of the amazing and beautiful time in a woman’s life. But it is also one of the scariest and  it puts a woman in her most vulnerable state. Scary especially to obsessive-compulsive women who prefers to be in control of the situation. The thing is anything or everything can happen in the delivery table. It is all in God’s hands. But still a pregnant mommy can still have some control over the situation. Enter the Birth Plan…

Birth Plan

Below is  a sample of my Birth Plan:

To: Caregivers at ———- Hospital

(Name of OB-GYNE doctor and Pediatric doctor)

Obstetrical nursing staff of  ——— Hospital

Pediatric nursing staff of ——— Hospital


From:  Name of  Mother & Father


We have chosen to give birth at the —– Hospital because of their outstanding facility and great staff.  We are requesting your help to attain our goals and have a happy, healthy birth. In the event of complications, we will give our full cooperation after an informed discussion with the doctor and private consideration between mother and father.

First Stage of Labor:

•   Those to be present at all times at the labor and birth: Husband

•   No male staff please


Second Stage Labor :

•   For epidural anesthesia once on active labor

•   Allows induction of labor if deemed necessary

•   Allows episiotomy

•   Please  do not use vacuum or foreceps


Third Stage Labor:

•   If labor won’t progress and may need to perform caesarian section, pls do pfannenstiel (bikini) incision

•   Plans to do breastfeeding; no formula milk, theeters, milk bottles please

•   Perform circumsion for baby after birth


We thank you in advance for your support and kind attention to our choices. We look forward to a wonderful birth.



——————- Mother

——————- Physician


It is important that when you are making a birth plan, you have done your own research too. It may be easier for me because I am a medical professional. But it is best to go through the pregnancy and delivery with proper knowledge of what you will be expecting. So be aware of the first, second and third stages of labor.  My birth plan is quite short unlike some but you can go wild with all your preferences in your birth plan e.g internal examination will be done infrequently or please allow this music when I am delivering my baby. But not too wild also that you will get a reputation of being a troublesome and annoying patient. Keep in mind this is still a new concept for some hospitals and medical practitioners. This is very helpful for mommies who doesn’t want to feel helpless during one of the most important day of her life and for mommies who plans to breastfeed.  Even armed with a birth plan, child birth is very unpredictable so you need also to be flexible. Pray. Prayers is always the best safety net. It can move mountains.

Good luck and advance congratulations to all preggy mommies out there. If you have any questions or more updates about what happened after childbirth  ( f you are not following this blog, I have a 4months old baby boy now), drop me  a line below or follow me my blog.

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I have a current girl crush. Yes, I think I look at women more than men, hehe because I think women are more fascinating creatures, haha! (I still prefer men as my partners though, in case, you’re asking.) I am so loving Olivia Palermo! She is one gorgeous lady. She exudes class and quiet confidence. And I love love her style! There was a rumour that she is the reference for  Blair Waldorf of Gossip Girl.  I think the rumour is true. She  was first noticed when she was seen in the MTV reality TV  spin-off of  “The Hills”: “The City“. Now she is a model and known for her impeccable style. She has a fashion blog: www. She is the quintessential It Girl of today. I am so loving her style. Here are the my favourite 5 Style Trends of Olivia Palermo that she is definitely rocking.

1. Sexy Strappy Heels

olivia palermo

Olivia Palermo and the Italian brand Aquazurra collaborated to create beautiful collection of  shoes fitting for a queen like this one that she is wearing. I love that it is sexy and classy at the same time. You can wear monochromatic get-up and finish up with this lovely heels. You look like a modern Victorian queen when you are wearing these.

2. Denim on Denim

olivia palermo

Wearing denim on denim is very tricky. You don’t want to look like you are straight from a rodeo show. But Olivia Palermo wore it effortlessly like a perfect Manhattan girl. She used different colour and different texture of denim and wore it with strappy heels. She made this look more office-friendly and you’ll never even dare shout-out a catcall of “hee-haa” when you see her on the streets of New York clad on denim. I am also loving the front slit of the skirt.

 3. Flirty Hemline

olivia palermo


Olivia Palermo can parade around New York in a short short skirt without looking sleazy. I love the flirty hemline and paired it with a conservative top. Being a petite woman myself, I really like this look since short hemlines elongates your legs and give an illusion of length.This is easy to wear. Add in a large sunglasses and a bag, you are good to go.

4. Fringe Benefits

olivia palermo



Who wouldn’t adore this look? She made this ensemble very current without looking too Pocahontas. Fringe is definitely the favourite trends on runways and on street nowadays and Olivia Palermo knows it. Seeing this, you would want to head over a vintage boutique and look for a fringe apparel or bag.

5. Pop of Color

olivia palermo


When in doubt, just add a striking colour to your outfit. You could see Olivia is not afraid of colour. She would wear a Kermit-the-Frog-green coat-dress and would be looking fabulous as always. Sometimes you’ll find her wearing a simple white T-shirt, ripped jeans and add a bright red strappy heels. Or she would add colour to her get-up by carrying a hot pink bag. Or she would even wear a bright orange printed leggings.

I like this woman. So far, she hasn’t disappoint. Can’t wait to see more of her future looks and trends she will be rocking.

Images taken from


I was 14 years old when the whole family migrated to Saudi Arabia. My father works as an engineer in an oil-company in Saudi Arabia for many years. He wanted us to be  together as a family  so  his company sponsored the whole family to migrate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Some people find it a very unlikely place to migrate to. But somehow Saudi Arabia grows on you.  I have fond memories during my stay in Saudi Arabia until I went back to the Philippines to start college.

While on college, I still get to travel to Saudi Arabia twice a year to visit my family. One of the things that made me miss Saudi Arabia are their foods.

Here are 5 of my favourite Arabian foods,


arabian foods

In the Philippines, we have the popular Leylam Shawarma. Yes, I love that one too. But let me tell you that it is a far from the taste of the real shawarma in the Middle East. You get to choose between turkey or chicken. You can also request to leave out the vegetables. It is filled with yummy garlic sauce. My favourite shawarma stand is the one where my brother would buy me a one riyal shawarma with all the regular fillings of shawarma and french fries in it. This our favourite snack on a long drive especially if we are going to Bahrain by our car.

2. KABSA RICEarabian foods


If we area bit too lazy to cook our lunch, we head to the nearby restaurant to buy some Kabsa Rice. The great thing about this rice is that underneath it is a big piece of chicken. We have rice and viand in one dish. Arabians normally would eat this spread out in a paper /plastic on the floor for everyone to share similar to a Budol Fight eating.


arabian foods

When we go about town in an early morning and we haven’t had our breakfast, we usually buy this. My father would queue in one of the crowded shops selling this bread. It looks like a pizza. But it is just a basic bread with melted sugar and sesame seeds spread on top. It is best eaten when it is still warm.


arabian foods


Since I am a lover of lumpia-shanghai, this is as close as it can get. It has grounded beef inside and I like the sweet powder that coats the samosa. This is our go-to snacks when we get hungry in the afternoon.


5. BROASTED CHICKENarabian foods

I am not really sure if this is an Arabian food but by far, this is our ultimate favourite food in Saudi Arabia. It’s a serving of one whole chicken cut in parts, deep-fried in such yummy crispiness. It comes with fries, garlic sauce, kubos bread and lots of packets of ketchup. Initially, we always go for the ketchup. We didn’t like the garlic sauce at all. But it is an acquired taste. After awhile, we can never eat the broasted chicken without the garlic sauce. This is our favourite request for pasalabong from our parents. And we also asked for a jar of garlic sauce which we dip into just about anything.

Any Sandbox kid reading this? Let me know what were your favourite Arabian dishes too.

Credits to my photo-savvy dad who took these picture. I love you, Pa!


We all want to be pampered, even cute little babies. We discovered this Baby Spa in our nearby mall  and my hubby & I wanted Naj to try it out.

Baby Spa

We made him try the baby massage done by a well-trained baby masseuse. They used Johnson’s Baby Lotion for the whole body and used a warm Chinese rub to massage circular motions on the baby’s tummy  to  prevent “wind” . This session cost $24.

Baby Spa

We also wanted him to try the water spa. We came prepared with a towel. The Baby Spa provided us with free swim diaper.

Baby Spa

Before putting Naj into the water tub, the therapist first made him do some exercises by teaching him to move his hands and legs. Look at how happy my baby looks!

Baby spa

Since this is Naj’s first time to do the water therapy, he will do his session in the smaller water tub. We were advised that baby should be fed 15-30 minutes in advance and to give some water after the water training. For first-timer, the baby cannot be too long (around 20 minutes) in the water but succeeding sessions has no time limit.

Baby Spa

Baby Spa

Naj was dipped into the lukewarm water with a floater in his neck while the therapist assist him. And when he is ready, the therapist will let go of him and make him swim on his own.

baby spa

baby spa

Look at my happy boy! He loves the water. He is my water baby.

Baby Spa

This session cost $45. If you are an NTUC member, you can get 10 sessions for a price of $350 (Valid for 6 months) and 20 sessions for a price of $590 (Valid for 12 months).

I am so happy to make Naj experience this baby spa. I can really see the happiness in his eyes. Let your baby try this too… This is such a unique idea.

Bay Spa

5 Changi Business Central 1
#02-08/09 Changi City Point
Singapore 486038


Women would always complain of ‘Nothing to wear’ in front of a closet full of clothes. But Liz Uy, Philippines’ very own Rachel Zoe, stylist to the stars, simplified it for us in her #1 Bestseller Stylized. I love lists and organised thinking. Her way of presenting to the modern Filipina that we just need basic staples in our closets and we can go wild mixing and matching. We can express our personalities through our accessories and choices what to partner the basic staple with.



Liz Uy outlined 10 Style Essentials for every women. As long as you have these in your closet, you are good to go. Here they are:

1. The White T-Shirt

2. The Little Black Dress

3. Blazer

4. White Button-Down Shirt

5. Slacks

6. Jeans

7. Tank Top

8. Shorts

9. Leggings

10. Pencil Skirt


Liz Uy enlisted her beautiful and sexy celebrity and model friends to visually showcase her concepts in her book, each one for every style essentials. You got Anne Curtis, Bea Alonzo, Kris Aquino, Georgina Wilson, Isabella Daza, Bianca Gonzales, Alex Gonzaga, Sarah Geronimo, Marian Rivera, and Julia Barretto.

I like that it is straightforward. You can tell that the book was conceptualised well. It wasn’t a throw-everything-there type of fashion book. It also allows a women’s own personal style and not forcing a fashion trend. You get to salivate at the pretty dresses, bags and shoes. I love that Liz Uy gathered her friends to this project rather than using unknown models. They were all gorgeous and it was also because of Liz impeccable styling. It was good that  the book was hardbound and pages were crisp with saturated colours. It exudes class and a perfect coffee table book.

Stylized by Liz Uy is a book for the modern women. It is a good guide for those discovering their own style. This is the best place to start to a love affair with fashion.



Congratulations Liz Uy! This one is a gem. Can’t wait for more bestselling books from you. May I suggest a book of pregnancy fashion and fashion for every profession. I would definitely buy those. More power!


There is  a lot of fun things to do in Singapore. My husband and I  decided to skip our weekend stay-in-bed-watch-movies activity. We headed to Sentosa island for some sun and fun.

We wanted to try the Skyline Luge and Segway. First up is the Syline Luge.


Skyline Luge gets you to experience both the luge ride and sky ride. Since it guarantees that once is not enough, we decided to get the 3 luge & 3 sky ride at $23/person. You can start with the luge  by  racing through the 688 metre Dragon trail or 628 metre Jungle trail. Then you get your thrill for height at the sky ride. Then back again to the luge ride.



They are right. Once is definitely not enough. We enjoy cruising through the different trails and relaxing above ground.

Next stop. Segway Ride.

We got the Segway Fun Ride which gets us to go for 2 rides around the trail. Segway Fun Ride cost $19/person for 2 rounds. We are not allowed to take pictures. They do take a picture before our ride down the trail. We get a copy for $15. Here is blurry  picture of my husband on a Segway.


If you want some fun activities to do, visit these rides at Sentosa Island. Gear yourself to a fun weekend ahead.

Click on for more activities in Sentosa Island here.