There is  a lot of fun things to do in Singapore. My husband and I  decided to skip our weekend stay-in-bed-watch-movies activity. We headed to Sentosa island for some sun and fun.

We wanted to try the Skyline Luge and Segway. First up is the Syline Luge.



Skyline Luge gets you to experience both the luge ride and sky ride. Since guaranteed that once is not enough, we decided to get the 3 luge & 3 sky ride at $23/person. You can start with the luge  by  racing through the 688 Dragon trail or 628 Jungle trail. Then you get your thrill for height at the sky ride. Then back again to the luge ride.



They are right. Once is definitely not enough. We enjoy cruising through the different trails and relaxing above ground.

Next stop. Segway Ride.

We got the Segway Fun Ride which gets us to go for 2 rides around the trail. Segway Fun Ride cost $19/person for 2 rounds. We are not allowed to take picture. They do take a picture before our ride down the trail. We get a copy for $15. Here is blurry  picture of my husband on a segway.


If you want some fun activities to do, visit these rides at Sentosa Island. Gear yourself to a fun weekend ahead.


My three-months old son is one wise little guy. I get to marvel at this adorable guy day-in and day-out. I get to hold him before I work, play with him went I get home and hug him to sleep. Sometimes my interest in anthropology would immerse while I spend precious time with my little one. I get to realise men will always be men even they are only three-month old.


From a newborn to a elderly men with greying hair, men loves boobs. They are fascinated by these two full-moon-shaped softies.When they see those two, their eyes would widened with excitement and happiness. When it is in their reached, they heaved a sigh of gratefulness.


A baby’s way of communicating is crying. A wailing cry means I am mad!!!! I am really upset!!! Well, it also means I am hungry. Give them the bottle of milk (or a boob) and they get pacified . I realise as they grow older, this coping mechanism is followed through as they grow old. If they are upset, unhappy or mad and they turn to the bottle  (or the boob) to make their troubles go away even just temporary.


Men are carefree and relaxed creatures. They would lift a finger if they don’t want to to. But if they really want to get something from you, they will charm the socks out of you. My little boy would get me the cutest giggle, smile at me sweetly or look at me adorably if he want to breastfed, to be carried or get my attention. I would turn into putty and submit to his charms everytime, hehe.. I don’t mind though hehe.


Some men are afraid to show true emotions. But those who are real men, they don’t mind being seen crying. They know when they are mad, they are upset, they are not happy, they are not ashamed to cry. Yes, because they will cry if they want to.


Real men knows when they found a woman who will be there for him, they don’t need to look for anyone else. I could feel my baby is secure when I hold him and he wants to stay all with me. He knows with me, he gets everything that he needs: his meals, security, playmate, carrier, nanny, pacifier, warmth, hugs kisses, love. Why find another woman when he got everything he needs? (well, for now, hehe…until he finds another woman of his dreams)

baby boy

Thanks, Little Man for the lessons, hehe…


tim ho wan


Tim Ho Wan originated in Hong Kong. It gained instant popularity after it was awarded a Michelin Star. Most Michelin starred-restaurants are very expensive and Tim Ho Wan is the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in the world. Now, Tim Ho Wan is in Singapore and Philippines. Yipee! Do not be surprised if you find a long queue outside the restaurant. Yes, they are that popular. While waiting in line, you will be given a paper for you to tick what you want to order.

Tim Ho Wan which means “Add Good Luck” have the 4 Big Heavenly King Dim Sum: the Baked Buns with BBQ Pork, Vermicelli Roll stuffed with Pork Liver, Pan Fried Turnip Cake and Steamed Egg Cake. We only ordered two from the 4 Big Heavenly, the BBQ Pork,  and Steamed Egg Cake.


tim ho wan

$4.50 (3 pieces)

You may think  of  siopao or pork pandesal  but not really. This  dish is uniquely  special.  It comes in  set of three.  My hubby and I got  one set each. The bun is no other.  It has a bit of  milky sweetness and the texture is more crumbly and  crisp.  And inside that yummy crisp bun contains a salty-sweet warm barbecue pork shreds.   I can’t stop praising this dish because it is heavenly and highly addicting.

tim ho wan


tim ho wan

$ 3.80

I was surprised that I like this cake. It is very fluffy and light. I tastes more like an interesting coffee sponge cake with a hint of caramel. It looks bland but it wasn’t. We ate it using a chopstick.

We ordered two more dishes that is not included in the 4 Big Heavenly.


My husband and I are always in a look-out for good pork dumplings or siomai (spelled siew mai here in Singapore).  I don’t know if we have reached our destination and not going any farther in our search. But we believed this is one of the best, if not the best dumplings, we have tasted so far. You can tell that they didn’t use extenders to add bulk to the dumplings. It is all pork and shrimps. It comes in a set of four.  It is very satisfying.

tim ho wan





I love me some spring rolls. Yeah! This deep-fried goodness is cooked just right without making it greasy. It is crisp and not soggy. Though the filling is not purely meat but rather some egg whites only but I am fine with it.

This is definitely a restaurant me and my hubby would keep coming back to. I highly recommend you all to try it whether you are in Hong Kong , Singapore or Philippines.

#01-29 Plaza Singapura
The Atrium @ Orchard
68 Orchard Road
Tel: +65 6251 2000


I am still a Jodi Picoult fan, always will be. Sometimes being a breastfeeding mom, you will get tied in bed with your little hungry one and nowhere to go, so it helps to have a book nearby. My sister gave me this book for the longest time and it was only during my maternity leave did I get to ‘sink my teeth’ into this enthralling book.6a00d414452d953c7f0109d076f999000e-500pi-1


June Nealon is a mother who had a tragic loss. Her daughter and her new husband were murdered by their carpenter, Shay Bourne while she was pregnant. Shay Bourne was sentenced to death by lethal injection. Fast forward eleven years after, the baby June was carrying during the tragic death,is on the news. Claire Nealon is sick and needs a heart donor. While Shay Bourne inside the prison was making news himself. He suddenly  was performing miracles like turning water into wine and resurrecting a dead bird and some people thinks he is the new Jesus Christ. Shay, upon hearing the news of poor Claire’s heart, is adamant to give his heart to Claire after the lethal injection. Shay was given a spiritual mentor, the young Father Michael, to prepare him for his death. While single mother, June, is in a dilemma if she will accept the offer of her other daughter’s murderer to give a new life to her ill daughter.


Change of Heart is definitely a page-turner. Like most Jodi Picoult novels, it is narrated in different voices: June – the mother; Father Michael – the spiritual director; Lucius – the gay prison mate of Shay, and Maggie Bloom – the atheist lawyer that will help Shay in bringing justice to his death wish. A little trivia, Jodi Picoult, tailored the narrators to the Bible’s gospel of Matthew, Luke, Mark and John hence the first letter of the names of the narrators. Some Catholics will find the novel to border into anti-Christianity because of trying to model the convicted Shay into the new Jesus Christ and the reference to the gnostic gospels. Is he or isn’t he the new Messiah? It wasn’t really that clear in the end. I love the character of Father Michael in the book. He was a voice of reason for most part of the novel however in the later end, he became a bit gullible to Shay’s charm. Being a new mother myself, it would be tough to be in June’s shoes. Would you take your daughter’s murder’s heart to save your other daughter’s life? There is a surprise revelation in the end which would make you cringe a bit. But this one is definitely  an entertaining and interesting book that Jodi Picoult’s fans would love.



1. If you are June, would you accept Shay’s offer to give your daughter a new heart even if it means that she will be living with the heart of a murderer?

2. Are you in favour of the death penalty?

3. Can you forgive someone in your past if they ask for forgiveness, even if their previous actions lead to permanent ‘scars’ in your life?

4. How can you differentiate religion and faith?



I love the Dairy Queen Blizzard Ice Cream. I saw this “make your own Blizzard-like ‘ice cream'” in Pinterest. I decided to share it with all you as well.

Here are the ingredients:IMG_0295.JPG


  • vanilla extract
  • peanut butter
  • honey
  • yogurt
  • chocolate chips

You can make your own measurements depending you. I had 8oz of creamy yogurt. I love the Thick & Creamy yogurt and used the Classic Vanilla flavour. I scooped 2-3 tablespoon of chunky peanut butter into the yogurt . I used the Jif Extra Crunchy peanut butter. I added 2 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract and 3 teaspoon of chocolate chips.Then mix all together. Then you freeze until hard.

Here is the finish product:

make your own ice cream

make your own ice cream

It is definitely yum. Let me know if you tried making one…



There are not much of brunch restos in Iloilo. The last time I went home in Iloilo for my maternity leave, so happy to discover that Lapaz now have a cute brunch place, DOVA. It is owned and managed by the same family that started Afriques and Escas in Iloilo, the Cordovas, hence, I guess why its called Dova. The chef is still of course, the talented Mr. Miguel Cordova.

My brother, sister-in-law, my nephew and I decided to give the place a try. We were surprised the place was packed and we have to wait to be seated. But it didn’t take long for us to get our table.

The place kind reminds me of a little mature Milky & Sunny in Pasig. It was a nice brunch place in the morning and can perfectly transform into a chill-out place to drink at night.


With the popularity of the show, The Legal Wife, we can help but zeroed in the Querida Burger (P245). It is a big fat beef patty between brioche buns. It also contains bacons and fried egg. It also have baked potatoes and salad on the side. Just like any querida, this one is very tempting, bad for your waist and heart. But then again, this will be only querida, I will ever allow my husband to eat. I totally approved: yummy & filling.


Since this is a brunch place, we have to have pancakes and waffles.  You can get it as Bare Naked (P145) – 2 pancakes/1waffle with whipped cream & maple syrup, Strawberries & Banana (P155) -2 pancakes /1 waffle with strawberries, banana, whipped butter, whipped cream and maple syrup or the Bacon & Sausage (P245) -2 pancakes /1 waffle with bacons and Greek sausage, whipped butter and maple syrup. Since we are such meatlovers, we got the Bacon and Sausage in both pancakes and waffle. I prefer the waffle though than the pancake. The bacon was a bit too small but I love love the sausage.





My sister-in-law is into salad these days so she tried the Shiitake and Egg Mushroom (P225). 


Okay, I tasted a bit of this salad but I would take my sister-in-law’s word for it that its good. She was very happy munching on all the greens and mushrooms.

Dova is a great addition to one of the trendy restaurants in Iloilo. Congratulations to the Cordovas for another successful business venture.

Dova Brunch Cafe
122 Javellana Street, Lapaz, Iloilo City
Tel. No. (033) 503-3242
Opens daily from 9am to 9pm



In our trip to Vietnam, one of the reasons why we enjoyed our vacation was the food. It was nice to know that Iloilo now has a Vietnamese restaurant. Of course, my foodie sister and I have to check it out to test its authenticity and see if it will pass our eager tastebuds.


Cilantro is a small restaurant almost hidden in Jalandoni Street. You can easy missed it if you don’t look closer. I like the minimalist but chic interiors of the restaurant. I like the use of red as the subtle pop of colour in the restaurant and adding few Asian pieces to stay true with the theme.


Here is what we ordered:




This dish is a shredded crabmeat simmered in coconut milk. I quite like this soup. I would soak my rice with this.  It wasn’t spicy and the coconut milk wasn’t too overpowering



128 pesos

I  didn’t know Vietnam has pad thai too. I thought pad thai is exclusively a Thai food, hence the “thai”, hehe. But it tasted a bit different from the Thailand’s Pad Thai though the ingredients are pretty much the same:  stir-fried noodles with egg, tofu, peanuts, chicken , bean sprouts, chili powder and lime.



I love the Chinese lumpia so it not a surprise if I love Vietnamese spring rolls. I like the spring rolls with ground pork/beef in it than those with shredded cabbage and bean sprouts. It is perfectly crisp, not soggy and best dipped in their sweet chili sauce.




This is one of the bestsellers in Cilantro: marinated stir-fry beef with white onions. It is sweet-tasting and a definite crowd favourite.



vietnamese coffee


It looked promising when it was served. It was served just like in Vietnam. And later you mix it all yourself.

Vietnamese coffee

Unfortunately, we weren’t impressed since we have tasted the real thing. It tasted bland like they scrimped on the coffee beans. Though, we enjoyed the food a lot but the coffee which is something that Vietnamese are known for, needs more improvement. But we are definitely coming back for more of their yummy food.


Brgy. Hipodromo, Jalandoni Street

City Proper, Iloilo City



I grew up witnessing how Lea Salonga rise up and became a star on the West End. She wowed the world when she played the young Kim in “MISS SAIGON“. Miss Saigon is a story of a young innocent Vietnamese prostitute name Kim who had fallen in love with a GI during the war. Lea Salonga brought pride to the Filipinos. She later played roles as Eponine in Les Miserables. She won Tony Awards for both her role in Miss Saigon and Les Miserables. She played  Oona in the Little Tramp. She lend her voice to Disney Princess, Jasmine of Alladin and Mulan.

In my elementary years when Miss Saigon was getting popular in Broadway, I too was busy with solo singing parts  and roles in school shows/plays partly because Lea Salonga was every girl idol. If I didn’t purse my medical career, I would have struggled to try my luck in Broadway.

Now, Rachelle Ann Go, another Pinoy, is again is making waves in Broadway and making Filipino proud as she played the feisty prostitute, Gigi.

Recently, Miss Saigon celebrated their 25th Anniversary. Watch the awesome performances as the original and recent actors of the show merge on stage and sang the songs of Miss Saigon. I am particularly spellbound when Lea Salonga and Rachelle Ann Go sang “Movie in my Mind”. I was also giddy with excitement when Lea Salonga and Simon Bowman sang “The Last Night of the World” and later joined by the new Kim and John. Watch as Lea Salonga shared tender kisses with both original and new John. Enjoy!



Iloilo is not short of well-preseved old Spanish-era houses. One example is the old Avancena house called Camina Balay na Bato. My sister who working in Manila went home to Iloilo after I give birth to Naj. It was timely that her Manila workmates are  also visiting Iloilo for a quick vacay. So my sister decided to play tourist to her Tagalog friends. Since that time, I just got out of the hospital  after giving birth while our little one  was still left at the NICU. My husband and I together with my niece and nephew decided to tag along with the tour group.

The Balay na Bato visit consists of a guided-tour of the house and a served meal of a popular Ilonggo dish, Pancit Molo and tsokolate (hot chocolate). This tour cost 200pesos per person.

balay na bato

balay na bato

balay na bato

balay na bato

balay na bato

my sister- the tour facilitator

balay na bato

my nephew “making” the tsokolate

balay na bato tsokolate


balay na bato pancit molo


balay na bato

balay na bato

The authentic Pancit Molo is so yummy. It was raining that day so it was just perfect dish together with the hot tsokolate. It is definitely worth the trip to visit this charming heritage house of the Melocoton-Avancena clan, both for Ilonggo who doesn’t know about this  little gem in our city as well as tourists who can experience first hand of how charming our city is.

Camiña Balay nga Bato c. 1865

20 Osmena Street, Villa De Arevalo

Iloilo City, Philippines 5000

(033) 336-3858 / (033) 396-1927 /Fax: (033) 336 5075


My husband is currently watching this reality contest “INK MASTER”. Talented tattoo artists from the United States are fighting for the tempting price and the title as “Ink Master”. Gone were the days when tattoos are viewed as dirty and associated with prisoners. Tattoos now are regard as an art and way of artistic expression.

I never would have guessed when I was younger that I would be married to a tattooed man. But getting a glimpse of the ink-on-skin world made me respect the artists and these beautiful inked humans. It is so true what they say, sometimes tattooed people are the most kind people you’d ever know compared to those who goes to church everyday. We should stop being judgmental and discriminating.

There are few men that are beautifully inked. Here are my five favourites:


david becham tatt 01

                                                                        image from web

His tattoos are perfectly placed and neatly done. He have interesting clean sleeves. My favourite is the tattoo placed on his left pecs. Victoria Beckham is one lucky girl.


image from web

                                       image from web

His tattoos are making him more sexy than he already is. You could see some animals reference and lots  of symbolism on his skin. It is definitely art on skin.


image from web

                                                              image from web

I am not really a fan of Derek Ramsey but I like the placement his tattoos. He also have several tattoos on his back.


image from web

I know he is a fictional character and his tattoos are fake. But Michael Scofield’s tattoos from the TV Show Prison Break are just brilliant. Imagine covering his  whole upper body with tattoos as a blue print to help his brother escape prison. Isn’t that genius?




Last but not the least, my hubby! He have this beautifully pigmented Samurai cover-up sleeve and what make it special is behind his inner arm is a portrait of me, hehe.  He also have a Greek tattoo on his waist that has special meaning for both of us.This guy is my favourite among the five.

Are you a beautifully inked human too? Share your favourite tattooed men and women in the comment box below.