There is something about the French that I like. My favourite movie is the cute French film Amelie; I always wanted to travel to Paris; In my trip to Australia, I discovered this lovely book written by a French lady Mireille Guillano : French Women Don’t Get Fat. But one thing I haven’t tried yet are their food….

In Singapore, there a lot of choices for French restaurants. I was looking for a casual-dining French restaurant without causing a big tear on your wallet. Poulet offers just that. My Singaporean doctor-friends tried out this restaurant in one of our midweek de-stressing sessions. And I took my hubby there a few months after to try it too. French cuisine are know for its rich tastes and thick creamy sauces. Poulet in French means chicken. So Poulet’s signature dish is their amazing roasted chicken.


We ordered:


mushrooms poulet

This simple dish is surprisingly good. It has this intriguing yummy sauce that is just right. This is an appetiser but my friend prefer to take it as his main dish for the evening.


poulet roti

This is Poulet’s signature dish. It comes in Half ($15.80) or Whole (28.80). But the half chicken can easily be shared by two. It is in good portion size.The chicken is brined in full day and placed in rotisserie for a slow roast. It comes with a thick flavourful mushroom chardonnay sauce. I wouldn’t wonder why this is Poulet’s star dish because it is definitely a hit to our tastebuds. My hubby and I, being a true-blooded Pinoys, wish they have a rice for side dish for use to fully enjoy this dish.


Iberico Pork Belly

This is a braised Spanish pork belly ($15.80). It comes with mashed potato, leek confit and double mustard. The pork was amazingly soft and tender. It almost melts in our mouths. The mustard sauce’s tanginess blends perfectly with the pork. Again, my hubby & I would say, ‘pls bring in the rice. burp!’


chocolate mousse

We wanted something sweet after the satisfying heavy meal. We ordered the chocolate mousse ($7.80). It comes in a cute glass container. This  is  velvety smooth rich dessert with real chocolate chips inside and whip cream on top. It is perfect ending to our perfect dinner.

We will definitely come back here if we would be craving for some French cuisine that is pocket-friendly and tummy-filling.

Poulet Restaurant
201 Victoria Street
Level 4 Bugis+, Singapore
Tel: +65 6509 9411
Daily: 11.30am – 9.30pm



I will be on my 39weeks of pregnancy by tomorrow. The waiting game makes me feel excited, anxious and a bit scared as a first timer. I did have few contractions last night but I talked to baby that maybe we can wait for his dad to arrive from Singapore in two days. Then, my contractions subsided.

I learned about this saint: St. Gerard Majella. He is the saint of expectant mothers. I learned more of his life, how he lived it and all miracles he performed. I am amazed of how he had lived his life for God and his mission to be a saint.

St. Gerard Majella

Every night I pray to God throughout his intercession. I will share with all the expectant mothers out there this prayer:


Great Saint Gerard,

beloved servant of Jesus Christ,

perfect imitator of our meek & humble Savior,

and devoted child of the Mother of God,

enkindle within my heart one spark of that heavenly fire of charity

which glowed in you & made you a seraph of love.

O glorious Saint Gerard,

because like your Divine Master, 

you bore without murmur or complaint the calumniates of wicked men

when falsely accused of crime,

you have been raised up by God as patron & protector of expectant mothers.

Preserve me in the dangers of motherhood and shield the child I now bear,

that it may be brought safely to the light of day

and receive the sacrament of baptism.


Hail Mary…. (3x) 

(Taken from Straight from the Heart: A Prayer Companion)

I also pray through the intercession of St. Raphael the Archangel and St. Josemaria Escriva as well as praying the rosary. Mama Mary, Jesus’ mother is the perfect mother to emulate.

Tomorrow is my next prenatal check up. Wish me luck! Praying for all preggy mommies out there too!


 I am currently in my 38 weeks of pregnancy. On Saturday, I will be 39 weeks. I am hoping the day after that I will give birth na to my baby boy. My pregnancy was mostly an enjoyable, symptom-free except a very short stint of lethargy during my 6weeks to 8weeks pregnancy. However, I didn’t know that a bad bad pregnancy skin rash would visit and disturb my happy prepartum state in my third trimester. The skin rash is called PUPPS. It means Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy (that is  mouthful!). It is just not an ordinary skin rash that will itch a bit. Its itchiness is like a curse. You would like to scratch your skin off until it bleeds. Some say that it is something that you wouldn’t even wish your enemies to have. It is very unsightly too. Those who have suffered this horrible condition will really sympathise with you because she would know how difficult and bad it is. Even the most patient and tolerant person will complain of this rash. Here is a link if you are interested in how PUPPS look like: Images of PUPPS. It is not pretty picture. You have been warned.

PUPPS is a skin condition that is often affecting pregnant women who is carrying male babies. They say it is the male hormones of the baby interacting with the mommy. Good news though this condition will not have any dangerous effect on the baby or mommy (just  insane itchiness for mommy). Bad news is that the only cure is delivery of the baby. Some even had themselves induced to labor early because of this. I was afflicted by PUPPS in my 35 weeks of pregnancy but even just one day of it had me crying my eyes out. I couldn’t sleep, clothes that touches my skin makes it more itchy and painful,  scratching makes it worst and if I do scratch with fingers or any course object, I have to dig into my skin so hard it bleeds. I was left with bleeding, dry, coarse scabs and dark spots. The rash looks like hybrid of chicken pox, shingles and heat rash.

But I wouldn’t allow to make my last few weeks of pregnancy miserable. I researched and I even asked the help of my medical school classmate who is now a renown Doctor in Alternative Medicine in Iloilo City for her expert advice.

I found  out to how to manage this evil skin rash. So to those suffering from this condition, I hope these will help. But seek your OB-Gyne doctor’s consent and advice first before trying these out.

1. Upon waking up, I drink a glass of lukewarm water with squeezed lemon juice. This will cleanse your system.

2.I drink one glass of vegetable  juice twice a day, preferable the V8 juice. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find V8 juice here in Iloilo, I make do of vegetable juices in the supermart. Juicing or making smoothies can also be a good alternative.

3. I ordered online Grandpa’s Pine Tar Wonder Soap. It is sold in the United States but I was lucky to find an online seller in Manila. This is a miracle soap. A lot of PUPPS sufferer are raving about this soap. And they are right! I used with a good loofah sponge. You will smell like camp fire after bathing and your bathroom floor might have blackish tinge but it will relieve you of your rashes. Within 2 days, the rashes went flat and my skin became smoother. It also gradually lightened my dark spots from the rash.


4. Bathe twice to thrice a day with cold or room temperature water. Avoid using very hot water which will only aggravate the condition.

5. Drink lots of water.

6. Take Dandelion Root capsules or drink Dandelion Root tea. This is best to consult your doctor first before trying this. Some take 3 capsules thrice a day. But I just took two capsules twice a day. If you are going to use tea, drink one cup 2x a day.



7. Apply Virgin Coconut Oil allover skin. I always hated the smell of VCO or lana. But it was the only thing that helped me during the worst stage of my PUPPS.

8. Try not to scratch. Ok, I didn’t follow this but if you can, don’t because your skin will be spared from ugly dark spots of extreme scratching. Believe me, not my skin have so many dots, my niece would say she can connect the dots. I even apply concealer or foundation on my skin because I am embarrassed of how it looks.

Here are some things that may help. SomeI tried but didn’t work for me but worked for some. Some I haven’t really tried but people attest that it works for them:

1. Apply cold compress on the rashes when its itchy.

2. Use antihistamines. Check with your doctor what is safe for you to use.

3. Use steroid creams or tablets. Check with your doctor what is safe for you to use.

4. Apply Calamine lotion on rash.

5. Drink Nettle Leaf Tea or take  nettle leaf capsules.

6. Bathe with Epsom Salts.

7. Use oatmeal soap and lotion.

I am happy to say after 1-2 weeks, my rashes got better. I still have itchiness here and there, mostly probably from the stretch marks and dry skin of pregnancy. But the PUPPS never came back, thank God.  I do hope that no one will experience PUPPS. It was an excruciating experience. Before trying any of this, please consult your doctor.

I can’t wait to see my little boy soon. I do hope it will be this week. Happy pregnancy to preggy mommies out there!



the expat

I was looking for an action suspense novel. I found this, The Expats by Chris Pavone, among the recommended novels in Kinokuniya Bookstore. Initially, I thought I am reading a novel version of 1993′s Point of No Return movie starred by Bridget Fonda. This is story of a female undercover CIA, Kate Moore hoping to live a normal life. The backdrop of the novel was interesting. It was set in a lot of places in Europe when the protagonist’s husband was offered a lucrative job in Luxembourg. Kate gave up her interesting secret life to a ‘boring’ life of being an expat mother and wife. Or so she thinks. She seem to be haunted by her old life as she met a suspicious couple that might not be who they say they are. She delved into more investigations and putting clues together to uncover something that may involve a crime, money laundering or maybe her husband.

The book tends to be a bit overly descriptive and there are parts that gets too dragging. Chris Pavone has created initially an interesting puzzle but later turned into a crazy web of confusion for the readers. The suspense was good but too messy to follow. You will get so confused who really is the bad guy. Even as the novel ends, you will still get another twist to this overly-twisted spy book. This is a good attempt for the Chris Pavone’s first novel but I will be sticking to Patricia Cornwell for now.


It has been more than a week since the TV series that made the whole Philippines (and some parts of the world) where Filipinos stopped whatever there were doing and got transfixed unto their TV sets to cry, wince, get pissed and hurl strong reactions through social media had finally ended. The Legal Wife was a nation-wide success. When it is on, Facebook and Twitter would be flooded with violent and colourful reactions about the series. You could tell that ‘The Legal Wife’ made an incredible impact on the viewers. It was relatable and it showed an issue that people can in one way or another identify. It was also effective because fine actors like Angel Locsin, Jericho Rosales and Maja Salvador did justice to their roles.

I didn’t really watch every episodes neither did I see the ending. I just asked my sister-in-law to tell me how it ended. I only watched a few episodes after getting curious of the status updates I see regarding the show that is flooding my Facebook timeline.

Here is my take regarding The Legal Wife and infidelity. Here it goes:

Call me coward. Call me crazy. Call me strong. Call me lazy. But I have never fought for love. Even how much I deeply love a guy, I have not been a crusader of the against-all-odds love nor do I tolerate infidelity. I can take a lot of things and my patience is admirably long but if third party is involved or my parents would upfront tell me, “I don’t want him for you”, I would give up the relationship with heavy heart but I would. But for the record, my parents had never dictated me to end a relationship. But yes, I have been cheated on before.

During advertisement breaks between a The Legal Wife episode, there would be celebrities that would give their own comments and reactions regarding the series. Daphne Osena-Paez commented echoes my same sentiments. If you cheat, I leave. I believe that we are empowered women and we can survive without being attached to our man. If you are earning well, takes good care of your appearance and confident in your abilities, I don’t see why you couldn’t function without your man.

But you say, how about the kids? I believe that it is not healthy to be in a household with both parents not being in a harmonious state. It is best to explain the situation to your children why you need to part ways and to make them understand that it was never their fault. If being in separate houses too traumatising for your young kid, you can still stay in the same household until the time your kid(s) can understand why you need to be living separately. But it is important that since you made this rule, make sure you are both just partners in child-rearing. No temporary lapses of weakness by allowing occasional hooking up with each other to appease moments of “hormonal” needs. If you can’t stick to this and better not make this arrangement.

As Kris Aquino said (I can’t believe I am getting love advices from her), ‘When a relationship is broken, better leave it rather than picking up the pieces which can only get you more cuts and getting hurt in the process’.

There is no need to be ashamed that you will be husbandless and people will talk. I rather people will talk than stay in a relationship which makes me a fool and eventually lowers my self-esteem for tolerating being cheated on. Pining for a person who prefers to canoodle with another woman than his legal wife doesn’t deserve to be chased. He has made his choice and I will make mine. Though it may require buckets of tears, occasional screaming when I am alone and a metal-hard strong will to walk away, I will do it for myself, my sanity, my kids and our future. This will allow me to me to be open for a better person to come along and love me how I truly deserve. If Monica (the legal wife) finds that reconciliation with Adrian (the cheating husband) is not possible, there is always Max. Plus in my opinion, Max is more of my type than Adrian, teehee….

But if you are a bit of a vengeful legal wife, you can also get separated without being annulled especially if your husband is loaded (translation: rich). You see, even if you are separated but you haven’t gotten the annulment, you are still entitled to get a portion in his will. This is one revenge you can do to the mistress and she & your husband will never get a chance to get married. Look at Gretchen Baretto. But if I were, if you don’t want anything to do with your husband, cut the strings. Be gone and live a stress-free life. Revenge is a waste of energy.

Did I like the ending of The Legal Wife? Yes I do. The ending is for intelligent audience similar to the ending of “Before Sunset”. It allows audience to make their own ending depending on their views. Yes, there can be a possibility of reconciliation but it was shown that the legal wife became a stronger wife.


But let us step back a bit. Before you wave the flag of being an Gabriela Silang of Cheated Legal Wife, examine yourself first why your husband cheated. Sometimes there are reasons why they do what they do. So do your part as good wife first before playing the ‘victim’. Though I may not be the most qualified person to give advice since I have only been married, happily at that, for 1 year and I never had infidelity issues with my husband, just hear out some of my unsolicited advices in the hopes of keeping your husband. I will however put a disclaimer on this that following these might not guarantee you keeping your husband from cheating nor would I predict if I can keep my husband faithful forever (but then again, that is his loss, teehee.)


Men hate noises. Nagging to men is like a cat scratching a piece of wood. It is irritating and annoying. This is one trait men cannot tolerate and prefers to be in a company of a less-annoying woman.


Men say that women are unfair. They wooed and chased you before and when they finally got you, you stopped trying to be physically attracted. They felt cheated like you put on a show. Aggh men! You see, men are visual creatures. They are attracted to beautiful and shapely women. Yes, we can counteract by saying we have sacrifice our bodies to bear you kids on top of doing most of the domestic chores. Believe me, your wailings will be not heard of. Beautifying yourself doesn’t necessarily mean you to maintain the 24inch waist line of your college years. With the struggle of weightloss after childbirth and slowing of metabolism, we can have an achievable 27 inch waistline or still manage to try to wear flattering clothes. We should try to avoid frumpy clothes, still look presentable and spritz perfume. What is important is that you still try to look good. Looking good makes you feel good. And It is best that you do this for yourself so you’ll feel more confident as suppose to doing it solely to keep your husband. Incorporate exercise in your lifestyle. It releases hormones to make you happy. And a happy wife is always a nice person to come home to.


Did you remember when your husband was still crushing heavily on you before he made a move to ask you out? From a distance, besides being attracted to you physically, some men like you because you were passion about something or you were very good at something. You were a star athlete or you were immensely enjoying the book you were reading or you were a compassionate crusader of stray dogs. You have your own life. Your hubby used to see you laugh heartily with your own friend over a cup of lattes. And what attracted him the most was your carefree laugh. But now all your interest and your life revolves in only him. A man wants a woman who has her own identify, who knows what she wants and she is. This is an admirable character. Men likes to learn from you and your world that make you intriguing.


This is similar to number 3. Confidence exudes sexiness. A mediocre-looking woman with confidence is more attractive than a pretty lady with self-esteem issues. You lit up and glow if you are radiating confidence. And a man knows that if you are a confident woman, you know your worth and you can walk away anytime once you think you are not being treated as you should be treatd.


You might think this is counterproductive of being a sassy independent woman. You see, men (sorry to say this, guys) have big but sensitive egos. They want to be the leader and king of their home. They will find it demeaning to be “under the say” to their wives. And I believe as women we shouldn’t be too caught up of proving ourselves to the world that we burn our aprons and recipes book to the ground. I like the ladylike aspect of being domesticated to cooking for my husband and keeping our home tidy. If we go biblical with this, it is specially our roles as wives to submit to the leadership of our husband. I don’t see anything wrong with that. But also make sure you are not being abused to being a slave and there should be a good share of division of housework too. This doesn’t mean you have to do ALL the housework at home. Make your husband the king of your home because he will treat you like a queen. And being a queen is much fun (and powerful too) than being a king hehe.


One of the complaints of men towards women is that we never tell them what we really want. We assume that they can read between our sulky moods, our “no” which means “yes”, our silent treatment and unexplained crying. Men are simple creatures. They don’t like to guess. Tell them straight what you want, what you need from them and what you really feel. Don’t say I don’t want flowers on Valentine day but get sulky when he didn’t bring home any flowers and expect him to just know that you actually want flowers. Tell him that you get pissed when he spoke to you like that. Tell him that his closeness to his flirty officemate is making you jealous. It simplifies & clarifies things and makes life much drama-free.


Shows like The Legal Wife and movies like The Mistresses or No Other Woman does create paranoia among women. It is very hard to trust men nows days. Everywhere you see women much sexier and prettier than you. It is tempting to do regular checks on your husband’s email, phones or social media account to make sure there is no “Nicole” in the picture. But then I realise this is giving you something to worry when you don’t need to be. Its like looking for something you don’t want to look for. Though, in my previous relationship, I found out through this. I realised that hounding on your partner’s emails or facebook account just would bring you more anxiety than good. Just trust. Plus a woman’s instinct is better than her detective skills. If he is a cheater, you will eventually find out.


You maybe following all the advices mentioned but if you don’t know how to take good care of your children, this can be a big turn-off. Husbands  couldn’t help feeling more loving towards you when they see you being a good and nurturing mother to his children. I have seen men who gets upset and disappointment when their wives rely on the nannies to do all the caring and mommy-stuff towards the kids.


Have you heard the saying: ‘Happy Wife, Happy Life’. It is nice to go home to and be with someone who is cheerful in life. No one likes the company of a depressed, sulky complainer. A happy person is the best companion in life. Greeting your husband with a smile when he gets home makes him enthusiastic to go home after a tiring day at work. He would envision a life full of laughter and fun with your kids. Why would he look for another woman when he is satisfied with his life, right?

10. PRAY

Always pray, pray, pray. We cannot do anything with God’s guidance and blessing. Pray for your marriage and family life. Prayer can move mountains. Pray that your love will endure the test of times.

Like I said, these tips are not guarantees that your hubbies won’t cheat. There are men who are too weak to fight temptation ( like say a Solenn Huessaff-look-alike seducing them), men who is in a midlife crisis, men who wants validation that they are still desirable, men who want to see if he can get away with it, men who got bored & wants a bit of fun, men who fell out of love with his wife & fell in love with someone new and men got drunk & allowed alcohol to dictate his actions. Though for me, these are not justifiable reasons.

My motto: Fool me once then its goodbye…

Stay strong, Legal Wives! We got the upper hand on this. And to all Nicoles in the world, go see a shrink and resolve all your insecurity issues. ‘Yon lang…



Today is a special day for all fathers. I have three special people to greet for today.



Happy Father’s Day Pa! I admire your gentle spirit, your youthfulness, your dedication, your work ethics and corny sense of humor. Being an OFW myself now, I realised how much you’ve sacrificed for us in order to give us a good future. It is not for the faint-hearted to be far from your loved-ones, to be away from the comforts of a good  home and battling loneliness & homesickness. I love you always!



Happy Father’s Day Bro! You did a great job in raising a witty, thoughtful, loving, funny and innovative child. I admire how you were able to handle the responsibilities of fatherhood. Ackie might be into Batman and Ninjango these days but for him, you will always be his best superhero ever. Continue in nurturing and encouraging your son to grow up to be a gentleman with good values and a kind heart.



Happy Father’s Day to my hubby who will soon be a dad! Yes, in few weeks!  My love, you became a dad the day we learned that I am pregnant. I could see the glee and happiness in your eyes the night we got  the double confirmation that we are truly are going to be parents. I am blessed that you were by my side in my journey as newbie pregnant lady. Thank you for those time you endured my volatile hormones, massaging my calves when I get cramps, for bringing me food after work and giving me a tight hug when this bloated pregnant lady needs one. If these are glimpse of you as a father: those  times when you asked me when you arrived from work how Naj (our baby boy’s name ) is today, how you would stroke my bulging belly lovingly hoping to get a kick from Naj or how you would get so excited shopping for Naj. I couldn’t wait when our baby will come out. I believe you will be an amazing dad.

 To all fathers, Happy Father’s Day! Hats off to you guys….

Here is something for you all to remember. This especially applies for your daughters. Just a thought to ponder on.

father quote


I will be a mommy very soon but allow me to enjoy fully being an aunt first. You see there are  some advantages of being aunt compared to being a parent, hehe.

I have witty, mature-beyond-his-age 9 years old nephew. Soon he will be dethroned as the only grandchild in our family. He is aware that soon the adult’s adulation and attention will  be shifted to the new member of the family and he confided that he is feeling a bit sad and jealous already. I have to assure him that we will not love him any less. I am spending more bonding time with him now since my little one in my belly is not yet hatching. I assured him that he will always be special to us especially that he is the first ever “apo” in the family

Here are 5 reasons why it is cool being an aunt:


You see cuteness can suddenly fade once you have to deal with lack of sleep from the never-ending crying and when smelly “gifts” appear from your adorable nephew/niece’s diapers. You can get all the cuddles. You can kiss the sweet-smelling chubby cheeks. You can be the receiver of those innocent giggles. But once the unceasing crying and smelly nappies come, you can always hand them back to their mom and dad. You can still enjoy the perks of being a ‘temporary’ mom without depriving yourself of your beauty sleep. No waking up at 2AM to feed the baby or changing diapers.



Aunts usually the ones who get to think of cool activities that kids would enjoy. They know where to find that big trampoline in the mall, the big swimming pool with lots of slides, the place where kids can play LEGO toys all day or the the ice cream shop that allows them to put all the toppings of their choice.



Kids needs a good cop-bad cop tandem for discipline. The great thing of being an aunt is that you get to be the good cop most of the time, if not all the time. You don’t want to smudge your ‘pristine image’ with your nephew/niece so you leave the disciplining to the parents which is rightfully their obligation anyway. So you can let him slide a bit when he sleep past his bedtime, pushed aside his vegetables or forget to put away his toys. And if he gets unruly, all you have to do is call on his mom and dad to the rescue. “Hey Mommy, your son doesn’t want to take a bath even if  he is veeeeryy stinky!” You may be the tattletale aunt but you don’t need to dirty your hands with the heavy-duty reprimanding, his mom & dad will  have do it, hehe.



Some kids prefer to run to their aunts or uncles that they are close to to reveal their secrets and magical fantasies that their parents might think are absurd. They sometimes think you as an overstretched same-aged friend of theirs and that you wouldn’t laugh at their silly dreams. They would confide in you their school crush because they know their secret is safe with you. You would sometimes also be the first person they run to when their ” bestfriend forever” decided that they will not be friends anymore or when they think Santa Claus will not give him the toy train he requested for Christmas .


You heard that McDonalds has a new McFlurry flavour instead of calling on your galpal to try it whom you know will just reprimand you of the calories it contains, you call on your partner-in-crime: your sweets-loving nephew or niece for a McFlurry date. When your niece or nephew asked you to take him/her to Jollibee so she/he can get that Kiddie Meal toy, you say ‘Yeah!” You get an excuse to ditch your new organic paleo-diet to be a ‘good’ aunt. You just broke up with your boyfriend? You have your niece/nephew to share that Ben & Jerry pint of ice cream and you get a sincere hug after to make you feel better.  Aunt

To all the Aunties in the world, cheers to all of you!

To my one & only sister whom I think is the ‘BESTEST’ Aunt in the World, this one is for you.



Since my hubby and I are going back to the Philippines , we wanted to buy a few pasalubong and do a bit of exploring. We headed to Chinatown.

Chinatown in Singapore is a very colourful part of the city. There you can find a lot of affordable knick-knacks and interesting items.


Chinatown is often crowded with shoppers and tourists. You can buy a lot of Singapore souvenirs and keepsakes there. This is also where I bought my wooden fans which we sprayed-painted green for my wedding, as well as my lovely pink kimono robe which I wore to prep for my wedding. I believe this is also where my other colleague got her wedding souvenir chopsticks for her guests.


Also in Chinatown, you can find a beautiful Hindu temple called Sri Mariamman Temple. The temple was built in 1827. Every October of every year, Hindus celebrate the Thimithi Festival and as a test of faith they would walk over burning coals with their bare feet. This temple brings back memories when my family and I visited this temple when we were much younger. I remember we were in awe of the architecture and the colourful statues of their gods & goddesses. We were asked to remove our shoes upon entering the temple.

Sri Marriaman Temple

My hubby and I have been craving for a good dimsum/siomai. We said what better place to find it than in Chinatown, right? So we went to the Chinatown Complex. In the second level of the complex, you can find the hawker center. There we got ourselves some soimai or here in Singapore, it is known as siew mai.


Look at our happy faces. Yes! We got our siomai fix! Tummy-approved!

little miss honey



I had a blog post previously that Tiong Bahru is one of my favourite areas in Singapore. I featured 3 cool spots I discovered in the area in my previous blog. Be on a look out because I will be featuring more quirky cute restaurants and cafes in the area.

One late Saturday afternoon, my hubby and I went to one of the recommended restaurants in the area: OPEN DOOR POLICY.

Open Door Policy can easily missed the restaurant without realising that you have passed it already. It is actually in front of the Forty Hands Cafe.

Open Door Policy

The place looks very posh. It has a dim atmosphere with very basic modern fixtures.They have a bar and you can see the kitchen through their clear glass. The waiters & waitresses were in uniformed black button-down shirt and slacks ready to serve you.

Open Door Policy


I got the ODP BURGER.

OPD BurgerIt is Wagyu Burger with all the trimmings, Japanese mayonnaise on the side and garlic fries. This one is a winner. It is very filling. The patty is thick with perfection.

Here is how it looks half-eaten.

ODP Burger


My hubby got the SHORT RIB.

Open Door Policy Rib

It is a slow-cooked short rib with red curry and green mango. This was also equally yummy. However, like a typical Pinoy, we prefer to eat it with rice and it is a tad bit to small for its price.

We got some beverages to go along with our food. We skipped the wine that day.


If you don’t know what to order and prefer sharing with everyone at the table, Open Door Policy have this unique FEED US Sharing Menu. They will roll out a selection of dishes for $51 per head or you can add desserts for $62. They also offer a ’5 course tasting menu’ for $68 per person. Isn’t that cool?

Open Door Policy is a perfect place for you and your friends to wine and dine. It has perfect ambiance for girly catching-up brunches, double dates or anniversary dinner.

19 Yong Siak Street

Thu – Mon: 12:00 – 16:00
Thu – Mon: 18:30 – 23:00
Wed: 18:30 – 23:00
Fri and Sat – Bar open till 12 midnight
Closed: Tue