One of my bucket list is to eat pizza in New York City. I have never been to New York. Same day soon, I will be gobbling down a big size of pizza at the Big Apple but for now, I found a place to practice that little scenario here in Singapore.

I discovered Tony’s Pizza in Bugis Junction that offers New York’s Pizza. After a Sunday pasalubong shopping with my sister, my mother-in-law, my sister’s friend and my 6months-old baby, we headed at Tony’s Pizza for lunch.

Tony's Pizza

The place was spacious with simple decors. There were picture frames of New York scenes hanging on the wall.

Tony's Pizza

Since we are a group of four (plus baby who wishes he can eat adult food), we got the 18-inch full plate pizza. My go-to flavour in pizza has always been Hawaiian, since that is the first pizza I have ever tasted. But my sister suggested we try something different and we decided on BBQ supreme ($45).

BBQ SupremeTony's Pizza

BBQ SupremeTony's Pizza

Pizza is humongous! After two slices, I was ready to curl up in their red foam seats and sleep. Pizza vs four women? Pizza won. We only got to eat half of the pizza and carried the rest of the pizza slices home. I am not sure if Tony’s Pizza tastes like the authentic New York pizza since I am not a New Yorker. Since my hubby got to taste the takeaway pizza slices, he said he still prefer the Proofer Pizza which is our favourite. I still which we went with the Hawaiian pizza though. Pizza for me is always synonymous to pineapples.

We added Signature Creamy Pesto Chicken & Mushroom Pasta ($12.90) like the 18” pizza wasn’t enough for us. Hahaha! We, women, are such gluttons.

Pasta Tony's Pizza

It was a yummy creamy pasta with enough serving for two persons. I wasn’t able to enjoy it a  lot because I was already too full from the pizza.

We had some lemonade with out pizza and pasta: Lemonade ($4) and Strawberry Lemonade ($4).

Tony's Pizza

There is a signage on the wall of the restaurant, how to eat a NYC slice.

 Tony's Pizza

Someday soon, I will eat a real NYC pizza and do this but for now, this will come close to the real thing.

Tony’s Pizza

#01-68A 200 Victoria Street Singapore 188021 


This week started with my husband’s birthday. I took a vacation leave for his birthday. Unfortunately, his workmate was called for national service so his leave was postponed making him wok on his birthday. (insert: sad face) But we managed to have a little celebratory birthday gift unwrapping on the eve of his birthday. We were on the floor with gift-wrappers, cupcakes, our camera phones and our baby at 1AM in the morning. Yes, we kept our baby up at 2AM in the morning. He is and should be part of our little celebration. (Don’t judge.)

bday card


I used the calendar given by Bloesem gave on their workshop last Saturday as a birthday card. I gave my hubby two birthday gifts this year. I am so excited when he is unwrapping his gifts. I understand now why people loves giving gifts. The mere joy seeing your loved-ones so happy is so worth it.


We didn’t get to celebrate outside or have a birthday dinner this year. My husband wanted it that way. He wanted to be practical. He said, ‘The best gifts he have is me and Naj and that is enough’. He added, ‘The most important thing is we are together. Material things may get broken but we are forever’.

Another  thing that also got me inspired this week is that my hubby and I talked about our plans. Our future plans. Or back-ups plans. As you all know, I love planning. I feel better if I can visualise the road ahead of me. I am excited about our plans. I am happy about our plans.

Another great thing about this week is that my sister is back and staying for a bit of time here. Yey! It is always fun if my sister comes to visit. And my son is one happy nephew too.

cute baby

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Hope you all have a great Sunday. Happy days are coming! I can feel it. Can’t believe January 2015 is almost over. Continue attaining your new year’s resolutions, okay?



nouvelle-bande-annonce-annie-will-gluck-sorti-L-SFqxfc take from

I love musicals! I am fortunate that my mother have expose me and my siblings  to musicals. Early on, we been watching Annie, The Sound of Music, The Kings & I, Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, The Fiddler on the Roof, Chorus line. I am in love with Broadway that I have starred in some Broadway production in my school when I was younger. So, I was excited when I learned that there is a 2014 version the Annie. I would often sing the hit song “Tomorrow” to lull my baby to sleep.

The 1982 Annie movie has been a family favourite. The story is about this spunky red-head Annie, living with other girls in an orphanage under the care of a drunkard and mean Miss Hannigan. One day, she got the opportunity to be picked to spend a few days with millionaire and cold-hearted Mr. Warbucks for some publicity stunt. Annie soon charmed everyone in the household and even melted Mr. Warbucks’ cold heart. Mr. Warbucks wanted to help Annie look for her lost parents and offered a reward if they come to him. But Miss Hannigan and her accomplices staged a convincing act that her accomplices are the real parents of Annie, misleading Annie and Mr. Warlocks

The 1982 Annie was known for her curly redhead and her freckled face but 2014 Annie stayed away from the stereotyped version of Orphan Annie, instead a cool street-smart African-American Annie played by Quvenzhane Wallis. I like that they got her for the lead role. She has her own charm just like the original Annie and she didn’t overact in the role which most young actresses would do. Instead of Mr. Warbucks the millionaire, they got Jamie Foxx as Mr. Stacks the politician. He wasn’t convincing enough or adorable enough as Albert Finney as Mr. Warbucks. Albert Finney pulled off that mean-guy-but-adorable act to a tee which I think Jamie Foxx fall short. Foxx wasn’t commanding enough in the movie. One of the funny characters in the original movie is the role of Miss Hannigan. Carol Brunett was made for the role of Miss Hannigan. She was absolutely fantastic and amazing. You will love and hate her at the same time. But Cameron Diaz as Miss Hannigan was a total mess to put it mildly. I don’t know if she was trying hard to be like Carol Brunett or trying to be funny or did method-acting & drank some bourbon while filming (Sorry, Cameron!) But honestly, I was a bit embarrass to watch her act in the movie. She overacted too much, I wanted to shield my eyes from the horror. Tim Curry was also a great addition to the 1982 Annie as the cunning brother of Miss Hannigan. In the 2014 Annie, the brother of Miss Hannigan was replaced by Mr. Stacks greedy campaign manager played by Bobby Cannavale. But the only character that came close to the 1982 original was Grace, Mr. Stacks’ assistant and love interest played by Rose Byrne. She was flawless as the prim and proper but occasionally awkward Grace.

One of the reason most people love this movie is, of course, the music. Some of the songs were sang just how we all know and loved it like “Maybe“. But some songs were remixed and rearranged into a more pop-y song like “I Think I Am Going To Like It Here” which I think they should have been left alone. In the original movie, the scenes where Miss Hannigan sang “Little Girls” and the one with his brother “Easy Street” were  memorable moments in the movie but in the 1982 version, those scenes where not set perfectly and the scenes were forgettable. There were also new compositions that was included in the 2014 Annie. I like the song “Opportunity” sang by Annie .

Some trivia about the movie. It is produced by Will Smith, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Jay-Z. There were rumors that the lead part will be played by Will and Jada’s daugther, Willow. And first choice to play Miss Hannigan was Sandra Bullock which I think will be great in the role. I can think that even Charlize Theron will do justice to the role.

It is sad that this version made the classic Annie musical just a typical run-of-the-mill feel-good movie. When Naj grows up, I would still introduce him to the 1982 Annie film rather than this one.


I have listed down my New Year’s resolutions on paper. I am intent to keep my resolutions this year. I said to myself, A New Year, A Better Me. This year, I am aiming to improve myself, do more travels, spend more time on those things that I enjoy doing, travel more, lose weight, improve my blog and bake some more. But it is easier said than done. Based on the book This Year I will by MJ Ryan, one of the 10 resolution pitfalls is being vague about what you want. So I am going a notch higher by listing done the specific actions that would lead me to better fufill my resolutions for myself.

I have discovered this site that offers courses in Singapore that can help me with my goals for this year. If you know me, I love workshops and short courses of things that I am passionate about. You are talking to a lady who takes three classes on weekends when I was in college. I would take ballet classes, vocal coaching classes and classical voice lessons in one day. Sounds a bit crazy, right but I enjoy those things. It makes me grow more as person and I feel happier pursuing things that enhances my creativity ad self-improvement.

DeathtoStock_Creative Community6



I love travelling and I love learning new languages. I enrolled myself once for a French language class but it didn’t push through because there were not enough students that enrolled. This year, my hubby and I plan to travel to Korea. I would like to learn a little bit of Korean before our trip. I would love to take a short course on how to speak Korean.


 This year, I want to take my blogging seriously. I would like to improve my blog and give it a more professional feel. I went for a blog critique session and one of feedback was to improve my phototaking skills. My mentor suggested I enroll in some photography classes to improve the quality of pictures I post. With the rise of Instagram and Pinterest, the visuals are important in gaining and retaining a better audience. There are courses offered for DSLR photography, expedition photography, events photography and mobile photography.

DeathtoStock_Creative Community8



I still haven’t manage to kick off the remaining 5kg postpartum weight gain. I know that I don’t like jogging or running and that I hate fiddling with gym machines. But I know that I lose weight easier by dancing or yoga which I love. There are classes like Zumba, Basic Hip Hop Dance, Aerobics and Yoga. I could even try the Creative Movement or Animal Movement. They sound very interesting.


 My oven is sitting quietly on my kitchen counter, begging to be used. I vowed to cook more cakes and cookies this year. There is a cake and bread class that I can join. Who knows this baking hobby might end up being very profitable this year?

 I am so glad I am able to discover a site which can help me reach my goals for this year. They even have barista classes which I know my sister would be interested in.

For more information, go to


I am a person who loves planners, checklists and to-do lists. I get giddy if someone would give me gifts of journals and notebooks. Nothing is more satisfying to me than a tick on my to-do list. Get my drift. I just love organising my day, weeks and months. It makes me more productive, driven towards my daily & monthly goals and more happy. So it is no surprise that I have two planners for 2015. I am so OC (Obssessive-compulsive)  like that, haha….

My friend got me a The Daykeeper 2015. It is a datebook to chronicle my dreams, my days and aspirations. This is more of my creative journal. It is like my little colourful diary. I would write things that happened during the day and some realisations and lessons I learned on that day. I put phone numbers I need to remember and I would pasted pictures of fun activities I’ve done on that day.

The Day Keeper

Behind The Daykeeper is the talented Kat San Juan. She created this wonderful datebook that I absolutely love. I like that it contains bible verses. I would look into my bible and write down the verses that was on that week’s page. I like that every pages never the same. There are a lot of beautiful pictures on the datebook that was shot by Kat San Juan herself. Each week has a page called What Made You Smile Today. I can get crazy writing down stuff, doodles, stamping and posting Instamax pictures. Mind you, my drawings are horrible. I am no artist, haha.

The Daykeeper

The Daykeeper

The Daykeeper

The Daykeeper

I can get inspired and get creative with this wonderful datebook. I can keep this journal to remember my 2015. Yes 2015, amazing things can happen.

I also have another planner which is more for jotting down what I need to do for this month, this week and today. This is also where I put some of my to-do list and goals for the year. I got myself a Kikki.K 2015 Wellbeing Diary.

Kikki.K 2015 Wellbeing Diary

I always been an advocate of self-improvement. We will never be finished products. So I believe we should have this desire to improve and better ourselves. This planner just helps you with that. Each month there are themes like dream, exercise, healthy diet, de-stress, gratitude. There is a calendar for one month to write down the events for the month. And weekly there is one page on the left for the things to do that week and on the right side is a box for a a question for you to answer or an activity for you to do to reach the goal and resonate the theme for the month. I love things like that. Not every week is the same so this week can be, share your dream to a friend and next week would be, write all the things you are passionate about. I think that is so fun. Also below the workbook box  is a space for notes which you can write stuff like your to-do list for the week or your grocery lists or budget for the month.

Kikki.K 2015 Wellbeing Diary

Kikki.K 2015 Wellbeing Diary

I love my two planners!! I can’t complain at all. It both suits my personality. What is your 2015 planner? Care to share.



Last week, I am so happy that my sister was here in Singapore. Last Monday, she left for Manila already. I love my sister, she is my best friend. I enjoy trying out new restaurants, hang out in quirky cafes and talk non-stop about anything. I love that she get to  have some play time with Naj. I believe she has mastered the art of ‘auntie-ing’. She will be coming back soon to stay a bit longer.

aunt & nephew

Even with a busy start of the week at work, I was glad the pace at work got slower midweek. And I even got a surprising treat from a patient last Wednesday. She came over the clinic to bring some cute balloons she made for me. It was such a heartwarming gesture. I was touched and grateful.

cute balloons

Yesterday, I was on my annual leave to attend this workshop on The Art of Visual Storytelling conducted by Bloesom at my favorite neighbourhood in Singapore in Tiong Bahru. I learned the importance of creating strong visuals for my blog which I still have a long way to learn. So if there are any friendly photographers out there who would willingly give me tips, I would be very happy to learn more. Our class also get to try a little bit of Photoshop. I am still struggling with it since I am used to Picasa or my Camera360 in my iPhone, hehe.

the art of visual storytelling

This week, we are sort of preparing for the week ahead. It will be my hubby’s birthday tomorrow, my mother-in-law will be leaving soon for the Philippines and my parents might be visiting Singapore next week. I can’t wait to see my parents and for them to see Naj.

This week also, Pope Francis visited the Philippines. I am so inspired by the stories back home of their encounter with our Holy leader. Even non-Catholics respected him and feel a certain joy & peace when they met him. The Holy Spirit is alive and well and wants all of us to come back home to God. We have strayed so long far from Him. This is a year of spiritual renewal for all of us. Thank you Pope Francis for visiting the Philippines and reminding us of God’s love for us.

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Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday. Can you greet him also tomorrow? Enjoy the rest of the day. I hope your week was meaningful as mine too…


I am excited and happy that my parents are retiring after working 33 years. They deserve it. I am over the moon that they will stop by Singapore to visit and finally meet Naj. The last time they were here was when I was still single and soon to be married. We went to Universal Studios and had a grand time.

I have been reminiscing and here are 5 of my favourite attractions in Universal Studio Singapore:




I love this ride! Even my brother who hates theme park rides love this one. This is a 3D thrill ride based on the movie Transformers, (duh!). You fight along side Optimus Prime to protect AllSpark from Decepticons.You will feel like you are really in the movie helping them out. But warning, the queue to this ride is veeeeerrrrrrrry loooooong……..

2. REVENGE OF THE MUMMYThe Revenge of the Mummy Ok I have a love-hate relationship with this ride. I was so excited as I went into this ride for the first time. Until it all went dark, my whole body system got a shock of a lifetime. Really! I am not exaggerating. I vowed never to ride this attraction again even with my siblings keeps raving and are all excited how awesome the ride is. But I went back in Universal Studios twice with my husband and he force (Yes he did! Mean!!!) me to ride it again in both visits. I’ll just say, stay prepared. But you gotta try this ride if you go to Universal Studio. You have to.


WaterworldIf you are familiar with the movie Waterworld starring Kevin Costner, you will totally get this one. This is one of the best attractions in Universal Studios. I watched this grand production in Singapore with my family and once in Universal Studio Los Angeles. Too bad, my husband wasn’t able to catch this show. It is like in a real movie production. It has real actors in it and who do scenes in the water, jumping jet-skiing. There are even explosions and plane crash. It is an adrenaline-filled show and so entertaining to watch. But a tip, if you sit in the middle portion of the bleacher near the actors, you might get wet.


Battle Star Galactica

Unfortunately, this attraction is temporarily closed but they will be opening soon. It is the Cyclone vs Human Roller Coaster. I love this ride especially the Human. You get to ride two different extreme roller coasters. My hubby and I super-duper enjoyed this one.


Rapid Adventure

This attraction is found at the Jurassic Park. This is such  fun ride for the family. I tried it first in Los Angeles and I enjoyed it immensely with my friends. I love being in the circular rafts on the water and yes, if you hate getting wet, bring a raincoat. And protect your gadgets from the water by securing it well in your bag. I love the end of this ride. Hehe..

What is your favourite attraction in Universal Studio Singapore?

Universal Studios Singapore Resorts World Sentosa



Late last month, my mother-in-law and I headed to one of the nearby mall in our place, Changi City Point, to take Naj for a water therapy spa. My son loves the water and swimming. I love looking at the pure glee in his eyes when he is in the water.

Before we took Naj for his baby water spa, we decided to eat first. I picked TABLE MANNERS for us to have lunch. I ate there before with my husband and housemates.

table manners

I love the interior of the place. Very pin-teresting. Lots of crafty stuff, rectangular decors, unique shapes all around. There are also displays of some boxes, lamps and table napkins that the restaurant sells. There are interesting and informative writings on the wall and paper plates about table etiquettes. Tables were arranged to be shared to encourage meeting new people and friendly conversations from the people seated nearby.

table manners

table manners

table manners

table manners

The restaurant was offering the  Build-Your-Own-Platter Brunch.

SET A : Three Fiber = $11.50

SET B: Two Fibers & One Meat = $15.00

SET C: One Fiber & Two Meats = $19.50

SET D: Two Fibers & Two Meat = $22.00

Fibers consist of staples like rice, fries; or eggs with scrambled or sunny-side-up; or vegetables like classic caesar salad or mushroom ragout. Meats would consist of either steak, poultry and seafood potions.

My mother-in-law and I were too tired of eating too much red meat from last week, we both got fish for our meat choice. We both got the Set B. Completing the set order with $6.80, we got a soup of the day, dessert of the day and lemon ice tea/tea/ coffee.

The soup of the day was Mushroom Soup.

table manners

I love this soup! I think they blended the mushrooms into a creamy soup. And we got the iced lemon tea for drinks.

table manners

I got the Baked Salmon with Garlic Lemon Butter and paired it with Spaghetti Promodoro & Truffle Fries.

table manners

My mom-in-law got the Beer Battered Fish Fillet with Classic Caesar Salad and Pilaf Rice.

table manners

The meal ended with their Chocolate Cake.

My verdict? Food is mediocre. But I love the ambiance of the place. So it is still a great place to meet and catch up with friends and have a leisure dining.

Table Manners

#01-68/69 Changi City Point
5 Changi Business Park Central 1
Tel: +65 6604 7669
Daily: 11am to 12am


The start of my January produced a very sickly old me. This week, I was down with flu, irritable cough and a horrible laryngitis but I forced myself to work still because I know it will be a busy week at work. There are old doctors leaving to go for another postings and new ones to train. But even with a little sniffling nose, I manage to smile when your Monday is greeted with this sweet treat from a colleague going to a new posting.

cupcake from Plain Vanilla

This is a cupcake from Plain Vanilla. I wanted to try their cupcakes before but never got the chance. They have this cute shop in Tiong Bahru which I hope to visit soon.

It was also time for Naj’s last dose of his 6in1 vaccination. We were so happy that he growing so tall and heavy now. He can fit into his white Converse sneakers that his Tita Cath gave him and that we found his green dragon neck pillow again (Thanks Aunt Ping!)


I am such a proud mama that he just let out a yelp when the vaccine syringe hit his thigh then no more cries. Such  brave little boy! I cannot emphasise enough how important it is  to get our kids vaccinated. Don’t believe the lie spreading around about vaccinations are bad for our children.

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I will be off to mass soon and we will later go to a little barbecue party for our housemate’s mom’s birthday, And yes, I am feeling much better. Thank you very much.


I read in a glossy magazine of a new food trend in Singapore: the crab in a bag, throw on your table, eat with your bare hands , Louisiana-style. A good friend of mine was able to dine in one of those type of restaurants and she suggested the DANCING CRAB.

Since it was a bit of a spur in the moment decision to have dinner with my family in Dancing Crab, we went without reservation which is a big mistake. We waited around half an hour for a tablet. It was a weekday but it was surprisingly packed. There are two queues for reservation and walk-ins. For walk-ins, you fill-in your information in a tablet-thingie, how many people are you with, if you need a baby chair and your mobile number, etc. If your table is ready, they will call or sms you.

Dancing Crab

We were happy when our table was ready. The place was festive and there was party in the middle section of the restaurant. There a big chalkboard for people to write-on which I think was a nice addition to the restaurant.

Dancing Crab

Dancing Crab

Dancing Crab

Our waitress came to take our orders and we were so eager to start. It was also a serendipitous decision that my hubby bought a stroller for Naj on that day after seeing it on sale at Spring Maternity. Naj slept most of the time when we were in the restaurant and allowed us to eat joyfully with our barehands.

Here are our tools of ‘destruction':

Dancing Crab


We were also given plastic aprons to protect our clothes from the aftermath of voracious eating. Note to people: Don’t wear white when dining here.

Dancing Crab


Here are what we ordered:


Dancing Crab cornbread

5.00 SGD

We started with this one. There very light and fluffy. They came with a cream-cheese-like dip but even without the dip, it was already yummy. I was hoping to wait for the crab sauce to dip these little munchies but it was too good, they was finished before the crab came.


Dancing Crab crab cakes

18.50 SGD

This is one of the bestsellers in Dancing Crab. It is very filling and surprisingly not greasy. It comes with a mustard dip. It was alright with me but I couldn’t rave too much about it also.


Dancing Crab

9.50 SGD

The waitress asked what sauce we prefer with the lobster. I chose the Herb Butter. This order contains only one lobster but we were surprised to see how big the lobster is. It was  enough 3-4 person to share. It was a fat lobster! It was my hubby’s first time to eat lobster and he loved it! My mother-in-law and I loved the sauce and we keep dipping into the sauce. My hubby, however, find the sauce too bland. Oh, also the service crew would ask if you want the seafood  to be spread and thrown on your table or placed in the bowls. We chose the latter for less mess, hehe.


Dancing Crab

80. 00 SGD

This combo bag comes with 1 Sri Lankan Crab, 300g Prawns, 250g Clams, Potatoes , Corn and Sausages. I chose the mild Dancing Crab signature sauce. The mild spiciness set my mouth on fire! But nevertheless, I still enjoyed it  a lot. The taste of the sauce minus the spiciness was so flavourful and delicious. My hubby loved the sauce of this one. He like spicy foods, no surprise there. This is good for 3-4 people with ‘moderate’ appetite. I love digging into the crabs and eating the corn & sausages. You will really get your hands dirty and I love it! Hahaha! There were a lot of left-overs. We had  a lot to take home.

We drank these juices in their pretty maison jars to cool our fiery mouth.

dancing crab

Fizzy Lemonade ( 4.00), Homemade Iced Lemon Tea (3.80), Orange Juice (3.80 )

The aftermath.  Hahaha!

Dancing Crab

It was an enjoyable dinner. It was a great dining experience for family and friends to just be themselves and have fun with lots & lots of food. The prices can be a bit steep but considering that these are seafoods, the prices are reasonable. Budget for dining here would be 50 SGD per person. But I am sure you will never regret it.

Dancing Crab

The Grandstand 200 Turf Club Road

(Old Turf Club in Bt. Timah)

#01-20/21 Singapore 287994

Tel: +65 6466 3303:

Fax: +65 6466 3277